DekSmart Vinyl Cleaning and Care Instructions

Vinyl Deck Inspection

The only regular maintenance of your DekSmart Vinyl deck other than general cleaning is an bi-annual inspection.

This includes 2 major steps:

  • Check all areas where sealants have been applied to areas where the decking membrane is in junction with the building, posts, columns, vents and drains. Often the areas where this sealant is applied will expand/ contract, shrink or shift causing the sealant to crack, thereby breaking the seal. If discovered apply a small amount of sealant to areas of need.
  • Check all seams to make sure there are no openings. Although unusual, seams can open allowing water to penetrate the vinyl deck. When discovered early, repairing a seam is an easy repair. Contact your DekSmart vinyl installer if repairs must be made.

General Cleaning

Your DekSmart vinyl deck should be cleaned a minimum of four times a year. More often if acid rain or airborne pollution are a problem in your area. A general cleaning of your deck surface consists of some warm soapy water and a stiff broom. Scrub the deck in a circular motion to loosen off any dirt, then spray the deck clean with a standard garden hose.  For tough stains please consult these cleaning recommendations:


A: Diluted soapy water, soft brush/ water rinse/ dry

B: Fantastik spray cleaner or Cascade powdered dishwasher detergent (bleach free)-/ diluted (only a few minutes) Water

Rinse/ Dry

C: One tablespoon vinegar to one quart water/ rinse/ dry

D: Wipe or scrape off access (chill gum with ice)

E: Follow instructions of staining agent manufacturer

F: Apply Naval Jelly/ water rinse/ dry

G: Rub on citrus based hand cleaner, wait 3 to 5 minutes/ water rinse/ dry

Snow and ice

Use a plastic shovel to remove snow and ice. “Rock Salt” or other snow melting chemicals are not recommended for snow or ice removal as they may remove the print from the membrane.


  • Always test an unseen area of vinyl before cleaning stain
  • All cleaning methods should be followed by a thorough rinse of water
  • Avoid applying cleaners in direct sunlight
  • Certain household cleaners, powdered abrasives, steel wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discolouration and are not recommended. These products will remove the top coat, UV inhibitors and printed pattern, thus damaging the vinyl deck.
  • Please be aware that some products such as suntan lotion and some permanent marker inks contain dyes that can cause permanent staining.

Vinyl Installation Specifications

Please note the following procedures you should review before scheduling vinyl installation.

Minimum 5/8 SELECT grade T&G fir plywood. Please ensure that the plywood and workmanship is of the same high standard as subfloors for linoleum.

Glue and screw plywood. (countersink screws) Space out screws 4″ on joints and 8″ elsewhere.

Install joists with crown up and slope deck a minimum of 1″ on 8′ of deck. This will ensure proper drainage of the deck surface and minimize pooling of water on the membrane.

All plywood joints between joists must be T&G or have blocking for support.

Door jams must be a minimum 2″ above the deck surface for proper waterproofing.

On enclosed decks we supply and install all drains. No exceptions.

Schedule Vinyl installation ASAP after sheeting the deck. This will prevent the plywood from suffering environmental exposure causing warping, surface deterioration and delaminating.

Allow vinyl to be installed before stucco/stucco wire or siding. This allows the vinyl to be brought up higher on the wall creating a better seal for the membrane.

Any wall finishes (stucco stops, siding J channels) installed before vinyl must be a minimum of 2″ from the deck surface.

SS Decking will not install vinyl over pressure treated plywood, OSB board, or dimensional lumber.

All concrete surfaces must be troweled smooth before vinyl application.

Minimum temperature is 5ºC for 24 hour period. Unable to install during wet or rainy conditions.