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SS. Decking offers a 5 year Workmanship Warranty on all Installs


DekSmart Vinyl Decking Warranty

DekSmart Products Ltd. Warrants all products distributed by them to be free of defects for a period as listed below from the original date of purchase, evidence by proof of purchase.

This pro-rated limited warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable. In the event that a home builder is the original purchaser, DekSmart Products LTD. Will recognize the first residing home owner to assume full ownership of the product warranty. This warranty specifically excludes damage caused by negligence, alteration, accident, improper installation, abuse, misuse, vandalism and acts of God. Inspection will take place at the owners’ home or at the factory, at the distributors discretion.

A recognized installer must install DekSmart Products using materials purchased from DekSmart Products Ltd., including glues. The product must be installed onto new, unsealed plywood or new concrete.


If during the warranty period, said product should fail to preform the waterproofing function for which it was intended, DekSmart Products Ltd. Will repair, or replace with the same (or similar) color and grade of vinyl (see ‘avoidance of doubt’ section).

Waterproofing membranes often require a sealant (caulking) in certain areas. These sealants require an annual inspection and maintenance as required. The distributor shall not be responsible for damages arising from any sealant areas. Waterproofing membranes also require regular cleaning and maintenance- please refer to DekSmart Cleaning and care instructions located in Blog.


If during the warranty period said product demonstrates excessive blotchiness, or other shortcomings over and above what would be considered as natural aging, DekSmart Products Ltd. Will repair, or replace said product with the same (or similar) color and grade of vinyl (see ‘avoidance of doubt’ section).

Avoidance of Doubt

For the avoidance of doubt, DekSmart’s responsibilities under this warranty are as follows:

  • If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to DekSmart Products within two years of the installation date, the affected portion of the membrane (at DekSmart Products Ltd. discretion) will be replaced at DekSmart Products Ltd. Expense.
  • If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to DekSmart Products Ltd. after two years and within five or fifteen years (as applicable) of the installation date, DekSmart Products Ltd. Shall provide materials only for replacement and the customer will be responsible for the installation labour.


The installer is an independent contractor and not an agent of DekSmart Products Ltd. DekSmart Products Ltd. Warrants only the vinyl itself. In the event of a installation related warranty issue, all required repairs are to be facilitated by the installer or installation company. This would include, but not limited to, the seaming and sealing of the product and use of the appropriate thickness of vinyl for specific application.

All Claims under this warranty must be in writing and directed to DekSmart Products Ltd., 364 Cherry Avenue, Penticton, B. C. V2A 3L7. Claims must include name, address, telephone number, and a brief description of the problem. A photograph of the defect should also be included. No agent, dealer, salesman or other person is authorized to change or modify this warranty and such changes will not be recognized by the distributor. This warranty herein sets forth the entire liability of and the exclusive remedy against the distributor. It shall not be liable for any other changes or incidental or consequential costs or damages incurred by the purchaser by reason of the occurrence of defects against which this warranty is made. This warranty hereby made is intended to be in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied or the merchantability or otherwise and no other warranties are made or implied.